A Bag of Mulch

I thought to myself: “Why is he saying this to me? Should I respond? Should I tell this young man he’s making a mistake? Should I tell him there is another way to enjoy life? Should I talk about God in a crowded department store to a stranger? I really don’t want to be a witness right now Lord. I just want to make my purchase and go home. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Failure & John Wesley

One important part of the John Wesley story takes place while John was on the ship. There is an anonymous quote: “Without storms we seldom look for the light. Without storms we cannot grow.” John and Charles Wesley faced many storms. John thought his mission was to preach to the Indians in Georgia but that mission was a complete and utter failure.

The Little Church That Could

One man in the community had COVID-19 and nearly died. While in the hospital, he made a vow to serve God and come to this same little church. A mother, searching for answers brings her family to that little church looking for a fresh start. They become a source of inspiration and motivation for others. “With God’s help…I think I can — I think I can — I think I can!”

Confessions of a Potato Race Cheater

Russell said: “I was putting my nose to the spud, working my nostrils to win the race. Just as I neared the finish line, a potato went flying past me. No mortal nose could send a spud flying with such velocity. It was obvious to me what happened. Larry Davies, our minister, our moral example, cheated. Instead of pushing with his nose, he picked up the potato and threw it toward the finish line.”

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

What great service would I accomplish today? Write a stimulating devotion that would inspire hundreds of lost souls? Teach a Bible study to a spiritually hungry group of disciples? A look at my schedule would reveal my first task for God. Surely there would be a special job befitting the role of spiritual leader. My first appointment? “Take the dog to be clipped and dipped.”

Prayer – Part 2

“Here’s my honest take. I live in a bustling house. There are five of us in a relatively small space. Our schedules run from 5:30am until the wee hours. My problem is trying to fit in a quiet time. There just isn’t one. I do pray daily but it isn’t the meditation that I would like. Not complaining but sincerely looking for practical suggestions.”