Florence Recovery

by: Larry Davies | September 29, 2018

“Free” For further study and Small Groups: How is God guiding you, your group or your church to get more involved in supplying help to those impacted by Hurricane Florence? Send an email to and receive this free three to four session “Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Bible Study” for free. Use it to guide your group or church […]

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Feeling Anxious? God’s Relief!

by: Larry Davies | September 6, 2018

  One day, I was hit with a few difficulties which left me feeling anxious and concerned. That night, unable to sleep, I started praying and searching through Scripture. I even searched Google for prayers about anxiousness. In the process I discovered a devotion with this scripture from 1 Peter. “Be clear minded and self-controlled […]

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Memories: Be A Good One

by: Larry Davies | August 28, 2018

A picture of an older woman in a rocking chair holding a child. The caption reads: “One day you’ll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one.” Because I’m older and recently retired, I’ve been thinking about memories a lot lately. “One day you’ll be just a memory […]

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Something on the Road

by: Larry Davies | August 24, 2018

I saw what I saw, and I can’t forget it I heard what I heard, and I can’t go back I know what I know, and I can’t deny it Something on the road cut me to the soul                                                    — Sara Groves Do you remember how and when you became the person you […]

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Praying for… Me?

by: Larry Davies | August 17, 2018

Dear God: Please,     Teach me.     Keep me.     Hold me.     Help me. I want to be better than I was yesterday. Amen.                          — From Christian Today I found this prayer to be helpful and use it frequently. But should prayer always be about me? […]

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Church Stories

by: Larry Davies | August 7, 2018

Often the church is referred to as light. Like a moth, I am drawn to the light. Sometimes I fly close to the light and enjoy the warmth. Other times I stray into the dimly lit area and fly my own way. God allows me to dart out into the dark, but I am always […]

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“42” and Remembering Charlottesville

by: Larry Davies | August 3, 2018

“42” is about Jackie Robinson, one of the first African-American Major-League Baseball players. In one scene, the opposing coach was taunting Jackie as he came up to bat. The loud racist remarks were degrading, vicious and cruel. Frustrated, Jackie swung the bat at a bad pitch, hit a fly ball and was easily put out. […]

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Churches: Letters and Testimonies

by: Larry Davies | July 27, 2018

“My church is my loving family. We searched for years and God blessed us. An ad about the choir brought us here, a nice couple told us about the service, “Come and See!” Been here ever since.” “I walked into a church to see a play my youngest son was in. I had not set […]

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Refrigerators and Churches

by: Larry Davies | July 18, 2018

Years ago, we needed to replace our refrigerator. My first stop was to the closest mega hardware store. It didn’t take long to find a refrigerator on sale that matched our needs. Spotting an employee, I asked: “I see an interesting refrigerator. Can I ask you a few questions?” He smiled and said, “I’m sorry, […]

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Seeking the Lost: Really?

by: Larry Davies | July 11, 2018

The stranger who entered the church was young and new to the community, struggling with her faith, with her identity and facing serious problems. She tentatively took her place in the back of the sanctuary as the service began. There was a time where prayers were spoken aloud by anyone. Hearing their prayers, she felt […]

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