Local Church Miracles

These everyday life-changing miracles bear testimony that churches are far from boring. Some of the most exciting and fulfilling moments of my life are directly related to a church or church member. If you have been away from church for a while, for whatever reason, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Those life-changing moments are happening all around you.

Failure & The Wesley Brothers

The Wesley Brothers failed trip to Georgia ended up being a catalyst that led them to form the Methodist movement which has become one of the larger denominations within Christianity. Saint Simons understandably takes pride in being the only area in America visited by the Wesleys. A trip that on the surface was a failure, yet this failure led to founding a movement that impacted and deepened the lives of millions of Christians.

Church Meeting Becomes Holy Moment

She then said: “God strengthens us with power through His Spirit. Christ dwells in your hearts through faith. Being rooted and established in love, you have power. To grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.” She then passed the box around the room again and said: “Pull out one slip of paper and read it to us. After reading it, tape the statement to the outside of the box.”

Spinach Theology

If only life could be more like the Popeye cartoon. Surrounded by overwhelming burdens, you shout: “That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more!” Our relationship with God can be similar to a Popeye cartoon… sort of a “Spinach Theology.” We’ve withstood all we can bear so in desperation we turn to God, open up our Bible and say the most famous prayer in history: “Help!”

Intimidation or Politeness

We all have choices in our interactions with people. We may choose rudeness and intimidation, or we choose patience and kindness. One might get you noticed, along with a few laughs and an occasional free hamburger while the other choice may not be as attention grabbing but others will notice, namely our children. You can bet they will learn from your example and when they are older, they will act on it.