Christmas Giving – Letters

Christmas presents were meant to be symbolic of God’s gift of the Christ child. What Jesus has given to us; we pass on to others as our way of saying: “I love you in the name of Christ!”  The challenge is to broaden our horizons and creatively give to those in need.

How did we get everything so mixed-up? How can we change? How can we recapture the Christ in Christmas? Our readers responded with lively and creative ways to remember the real reason for the season:

Nativity Scenes & Culture

“Growing up in Venezuela,” Mike explained, “it was a part of our Roman Catholic tradition to set up a Nativity scene or Crèche as we called it. When I was 10 years old, my uncle brought a large set of figures from Rome for my mother. At that time, we had a sitting room in the house that was only used for formal visiting. It was in this room that we set up the Crèche.”