I was nervous because of being a guest minister at my home church. How would friends and family respond to the new me? These people had only known me as a wisecracking teenager, a used-car salesman and finally as general manager of a large automobile dealership. Now I’m a preacher? What a change!

There was no need to worry. After the service, people gathered around to offer congratulations and praise. All except for one older gentleman who had known me since childhood. He slowly walked up and stared into my eyes for several seconds. (It seemed like hours!) Then with a smile beginning to crack his stony face, he uttered the words that would shatter any sense of false pride, I might have claimed.

“Larry….Larry…If the Lord can save you…. He can save anybody!”

Sowing Seeds of Faith… is about offering seeds of encouragement and hope… for anybody. It’s about the daily struggles of living out our attempt to serve God. There is humor and sadness, celebration and grief, spiritual discipline and sinful mistakes.

Feel free to visit this site anytime and browse to your hearts content. Check out new devotions or read about our church or send me a letter. My prayer is that you will find help for your spiritual growth and have good laugh or cry along the way. May God bless you.

Larry Davies

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Mary E McKinnon · December 9, 2020 at 7:08 pm

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