As peacemakers, we can lead our churches in a divided and turbulent environment. Churches should be a sanctuary where people who act and think differently feel safe to discuss, explore and even change. A church is where God provides guidance in the midst of complex and often painful issues. A church is where God provides comfort and grace in the midst sin and strife.

Anger, A Bright Cross, Pruning

After the class, I took a walk to clear my head. It was cold but I was too preoccupied to notice. I looked up toward the top of the mountain and saw a bright light in the shape of a cross. It took a few minutes of climbing and walking to get there but finally I stood below a brightly lit cross that could be seen for miles. Despite the temperature, I somehow felt warm and secure beneath this shining beacon of light. It was as if Jesus himself was offering me comfort and reassurance.

Blind but Now I See

Is this what God means by spiritual blindness? At first, you think you can manage as other senses provide clues; but suddenly something shifts, like COVID-19, and you are thrown off balance. Alarms in your brain scream out as you recognize approaching danger. Your spiritual eyesight becomes crucial, but it is like you are blindfolded. How can you take next steps if you can’t see where to place your feet?