Angry Jesus – Conclusion

by: Larry Davies | March 28, 2015

A TV Newscast showed a man standing at a busy intersection wearing a large sign that said: “I cheated. This is my punishment.” When interviewed the man said, “I’m wearing the sign as punishment for being unfaithful. I thought she was kidding.” After a pause, he added: “She wasn’t kidding!” Later he said, “In order […]

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Angry Jesus

by: Larry Davies | March 21, 2015

“How would you describe Jesus in one or two words?” I asked the youth in our Bible study. They chimed in quickly with love, goodness, humble, pious, kind, caring, devout, meek and gentle. “So, what do you think Jesus would actually look like?” They mentioned long hair, pale skin and a constant smile, like a […]

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Easter: You Forgot Me!

by: Larry Davies | March 14, 2015

I assumed my daughter was with someone else. Following worship services, we were going with a group to lunch. When I arrived, a funny sensation began forming in the pit of my stomach. I tried to remain calm but in the rush to gather up my materials and drive to the restaurant, I’m embarrassed to […]

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Problems: From Friends to Peace

by: Larry Davies | March 6, 2015

Every morning, Mell and I read “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. The devotions provide a framework to help us share our daily encounters with God and discuss and pray about what God is doing in our lives. But recently as we read our devotion, we had a different reaction: “Make friends with problems in your […]

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