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For over twenty years, Rev. Larry Davies has provided weekly devotions for newspapers, magazines and various websites. Now those same stories and devotions are available as Bible study packages designed to help any individual, small group or church strengthen their relationship with God and discover their purpose as disciples of Jesus Christ.
What makes the small group Bible studies by Larry Davies unique?
The stories – Good stories create a good atmosphere for discussion and often encourage sharing in a variety of ways. Good stories often have many meanings and interpretations and responses so that a small group can more readily share what’s on their minds and hearts.
Scripture – Understanding Scripture, what it means and how it applies to our daily lives is the foundation of any good small group Bible study.
Questions – Good questions stimulate good discussions. Good discussions stimulate learning opportunities. Learning opportunities create and atmosphere for God’s Holy Spirit to move an individual or a group to strengthen their relationship with each other and with God.
Action – Now what? How should we respond? Each lesson encourages a response. Each response can lead to a ministry or mission.
Cost – One low price covers your entire group. By receiving a download, the leader can send out as few or as many copies as they desire.
Free Weekly stand-alone studies that can be used by an individual, a small group or a church. The stories can be printed in your church newsletter or shared by the pastor in the pulpit. Just provide your email here and you will receive a new devotion and study each week.