“Digging Deeper Through Jesus” – A Study of The Gospel of Luke –


7 week study of the Gospel of Luke

Includes a leader and student guide



 Digging Deeper? 

  • This is an excellent opportunity to conduct a personal audit in order to check how we are doing as followers of God. Here are six areas you could examine: o Are you actively pursuing God’s purpose for your life? 
  • How are you managing resources God entrusted to you? 
  •  Where are you utilizing your time and energy? What are your priorities? 
  •  How is your Christian witness? Do you set a good example? 
  •  What is your influence? Are you respected as a person of conviction? 
  •  How is your personal relationship with Christ? Can you honestly say you are growing in faith? 

Tough questions requiring thoughtful answers. Audits can be painful, but they also offer valuable insights into your daily walk with God. The lessons learned can help you rethink your relationship with Christ and enable you to produce more fruit. 


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