Last week’s story of three almost suicides brought a flood of email. Before I reveal the story’s ending, read a sampling of how others responded. Next week: The Rest of the Story.

I too thought of Suicide and have the marks on my arms to prove it. I never felt loved. I was sexually abused. When I was six years old; my teacher saw me with a piece of fruit and said I had taken it off her desk. I told her my brother gave it to me but the teacher wrote my mom a note telling her I stole the fruit. Mom took my clothes off and beat me so hard I can still feel the pain. The worst part was when she pointed her finger at me and said: “If I ever hear of you touching anything that don’t belong to you again I will cut your fingers off!” Just think of a six-year-old child hearing that. It stayed in my mind. I went back to school and the teacher walked up and said, “I made a mistake. I left my tangerine on the dinning room table so I brought you another one.” As she walked off I threw it in the trashcan and to this day I will not touch a tangerine. Priscilla

I am a 25-year-old male who grew up in a mediocre Christian home. I began a struggle of lusting after guys because of a hurt with a girl. Sure, I knew it was wrong but I was in such pain. One day, I thought this is the day I am going to end it all but you know what? Nothing transpired, God intervened, and I don’t believe this happens to just one person. Chad

I had a period where I almost lost my hope. Quite frankly, it was the flicker of hope that I had in Christ and the constant encouragement of my closest friends and family that kept me going. Some people don’t have even that much, and as a result, many people DO take their own lives. That is tragic. I’d like you to do something today. Undoubtedly, someone you know is discouraged. Drop what you are doing and reach out in love to them. You may not solve their problems but let them know that you care. Pray for strength and ask God to give you what is needed. Brian Masinick []

Your devotion struck a deep chord in me. So often in Christianity, suicide is “looked down on.” People courageous enough to ask for help when considering suicide are shamed. I am in seminary now, and part of what I am studying is how to help people who have grown up with abuse. I have been abused and I have felt the desire to end my own life. If you know of any way my experience can help those you have received prayers from, please let me know. Kriss []

Three years ago, I married a man with emotional problems. Later we had a heated discussion. He stepped outside and I called my pastor to set up a counseling session. He came back in, took off his class ring and looked at me kind of strange then went back outside. He returned and asked me to come outside so he could show me something. I was with the pastor and could not hang up. He went back outside. Later, I went out to look for him. I went to his truck and he was inside. I opened the door and asked if he was coming in. Getting no response I nudged him and he fell over on me. They later found a gun in his truck. If I had not been on the phone, I would have went outside when he wanted to show me something. To this day I don’t know if he wanted me to talk him out of it, make me watch him do it or take my life also. Beverly

My father committed suicide 23 years ago next week. I used to wish I were dead all the time, but never had enough nerve to commit suicide. I try to pray and do what I am supposed to but sometimes I think there is no reason for me to be here. I know many folks much worse off than myself so I keep going. I know God loves me, but I sometimes wonder. I do not like myself. I never have! Margaret

I was a college junior five hours away from home and mother wanted to divorce my dad. The next time I went home, I found out dad tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized. That fall was just the beginning of a terrible darkness that lasted for years. I honestly don’t know how many times dad attempted suicide. I couldn’t fix what was wrong with him. I struggled with how I could give him some of my will to live. My dad believed that he was no good to his kids, that he couldn’t do anything right. Everyday, I prayed God would keep him breathing. God answered my prayer. It took four years but he did get better. Don’t presume to know what your children believe or what your worth to them is. Just keep breathing, one day at a time. Michael

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