No article attracted more attention than the one about Nancy Webb our super volunteer from Florida. Since the article last year she has received hundreds of neckties and converted them to puppets for her hospital ministry. Also, through the help of a few enterprising members of our Sowing Seeds Prayer Ministry, Nancy has her own web site. You can check it out for yourself by simply clicking here: Nancy Webb If you need a spiritual boost… you just have to read about Nancy Webb.

Recently, I received this email: “Greetings from Florida: I don’t know if you want to do this but no harm in asking. I am a home missionary worker. I make things and help others in need. I donate my time and what talent I have. I have suffered many ailments including cancer. God has spared me and I am trying to reach out and touch others. I have a need if you want to announce this at your church I would be grateful. If any one has any men’s neckties I can use them. Many, many thanks.” Nancy Webb

Why does she want neckties? It seemed a little strange but harmless so I sent Nancy’s request to our email ministry prayer chain. A week later, I received the following reply:

“Praise the Lord! I am so blessed. I received my first gift of men’s ties today. Was I ever thrilled? To me it was like a million dollars. The Lord knows just how to tickle and thrill my soul. I just wanted to say a big thanks to you. We have never met but we are good neighbors. Amen.” Nancy Webb

By this time I was intrigued so I asked Nancy to tell me more about her life and unique ministry.

“I make a practice of saying something kind to someone daily. One day at Wal-Mart, I said to a worker: ‘You are special!’ The worker replied, ‘What made you say that?’ I said, ‘God don’t make junk.’ My new friend gave me a hug and said. ‘If you only knew how much I needed that.’ Words of kindness and a smile go a long way. I had a beautiful gardenia bush with 21 blossoms so I gave 21 people a flower, a greeting and a smile. I enjoy sharing God’s love with others. We cannot out give the Lord! There is a ministry for everyone. We must hold steady and not give up. We could be on the brink of a miracle.”

Isn’t that a great attitude? Nancy must be some kind of super woman! Actually, she is not. Read on…

“Over the years I have had a number of surgeries and cancer. I’ve suffered with depression, blood pressure and heart problems. But so many people suffer in different ways. I felt God calling me to get involved. I go to flea markets and yard sales to get vases. Then I add artificial flowers and blooms, sometimes a stuffed animal. Then I give them away along with a word of cheer. Kindness goes a long way. I visit nursing homes and hospitals. I make angels with a card and give them out here and there. Now I need men’s neckties and use the material to make various craft items for the local hospital.”

“Also, I am trying to help raise money for a family in Georgia. The father fell off the roof of his home. The mother is not well and there are four children. My son is a youth worker and is trying to work with this family. He wanted them to have a nice Christmas so I’m trying to raise money for them. I don’t have a savings account. It may be good thing. I would give it all away. But I have Jesus in my heart and a desire is to do for Him as He has done so much for me. Amen.”

“I don’t know a greater blessing than in taking time to volunteer. I just spent my first day of volunteer work in the recovery room of our hospital. What a great opportunity. Some people have an attitude. ‘What’s in it for me?’ ‘You get paid so that’s your job.’ Not me. I like being where the action is so I can roll up my sleeves and get into it. I get such a thrill and a great blessing. I couldn’t put a price tag on it.”

I asked Nancy, “Why do you volunteer?” She answered: “Am I rich? No. I live on Social Security. Am I well? No! God is my strength. Do I do this for popularity? No! Just hide me behind the cross. Why volunteer then? Because I love Jesus and want to reach out to others. It is simply Gods will.”

Finally, Nancy wrote: “I received some 75 men’s ties but I need 500 or more. The Lord is blessing this ministry. It thrills my heart to see His hand at work. I work for the greatest company in the universe. There is never a lay off, never shortage in work and I even have a free cell phone with a direct line to heaven: no delay and no call waiting. I am motivated and enthusiastic about my work. Daily, God gives me encouragement. I find life so precious and so beautiful. I just can’t praise or thank God enough.”

Nancy Webb is just one fine example among so many who generously volunteer their time and talents as a gift to God. Thanks for brightening our day. You can reach Nancy at or PO Box 761, Oakland, Fla. 34760. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to pack a few neckties.

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