Did you know “Amazing Grace” can be sung to the tune of Gilligan’s Island? Try it. Charles Wesley, writer of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” often used melodies sung in taverns to make it easier for churches to sing his hymns. Imagine that? Some of our popular hymns used music sung in a local bar.

So, twelve years ago, when my aspiring writer and musician son, Stephen, age 13, challenged me to listen to his favorite style of music: Rap. I listened carefully… and hated it but then I challenged him. “Why don’t you write a Christian rap song and sing it for our church?” He did and it’s called: “Stand Up for the Lord.”

Take it to the top, not just another Christian rappin’

Here to tell you what’s really happenin

All this violence in the streets, I don’t want to hear it

It’s time that the people got the fever for the spirit.

He gave us our life and He gave us our choice

But we are the youth and we’ve got the voice

For serving Christ is a price we can all afford

C’mon yall, Oh yeah, stand up for the Lord.

Think twice about the way you live your life

You don’t go to heaven or hell with a roll of the dice

Jesus Christ loves everyone and all

Just think of his grief when he feels us fall

Out of his hands, into the devil’s deed

And by him dying on the cross we were all freed

We’re just sparks and God is the fire

The one and only God-preacher, teacher, Messiah

I know you wanna, You know you wanna, So why ain’t you gonna?

Okay, okay so it’s not a classic hymn but when Stephen stood before our church and sang all of us old people mostly stared but I noticed that the youngsters began nodding their heads in rhythm with the beat and by the smile on their faces you knew they were enjoying and understanding the message.

C’mon, let’s stand up for the Lord.

Makin’ controversial music and pullin’ the money

But after a little while, you just ain’t funny

Just give your life to the Lord

The person who all your life you’ve ignored

The world is full of crime and sin

Don’t ya think it’s about time we let the Lord in?

You’ll see the light if you open the door

C’mon ya’ll, Oh yeah, stand up for the Lord.

Stand up, Stand up, Sit down, Psyche

Too busy preachin’ the word on the mic

He’s got the whole world in His hands

But some people just don’t understand

Believe in the Lord and you’ll find out

That he’ll put joy in your life and there’s no doubt

That followin’ Jesus never leaves you bored

C’mon y’all, Oh yeah, stand up for the Lord.

Music is a wonderful tool used for expressing our deep love for God. No generation should ever claim to know which music is proper. After all, one generation’s barroom melody could soon be another’s sacred hymn. We need to learn to value all styles of music knowing that if you respect and appreciate my music… you also respect and appreciate me. “C’mon y’all, Oh yeah, stand up for the Lord.”

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