“I’ve been reading your column for 3 years. At first, I was in total despair. I left my husband because of abuse. My oldest daughter was an addict. I didn’t have a job and little income to support my 2 children. I was lonely and did not know if I had the will to go on. Some of the people who emailed me became friends and I have prayed for others and hope I have been able to help them through their struggles. I am not financially able but have big dreams. One is to go on missions and help others.” Jacque

Each week, Sowing Seeds Ministry sends over 21,000 emails filled with devotions, Bible studies and prayer needs. Every month our website receives over 20,000 visitors from all over the world. Hundreds of those same visitors leave prayer requests which are emailed to more than 7,500 prayer partners. People have been healed, marriages strengthened, suicides prevented and literally thousands have renewed their relationship with God.

But it’s the letters that tell stories of lives touched by our ministry. For my Thanksgiving celebration, I want to share a few of those letters and give thanks! Thank you, Brian Masinick for faithfully handling the hundreds of prayer requests and distributing them three times each week. Thank you to our prayer and financial partners who keep us active and aggressive. Thank you to my loving supportive church that so actively participates in this ministry and a special thank you to God for making it all possible.

“I don’t know where to begin to tell you how blessed my family and I have been taking part in Sowing Seeds Ministry. Let me tell you some of the major prayers that have been answered for me this year. I have two friends from my church that have survived cancer, our business is booming, my daughter is doing great in college and my husband’s nephew is surviving in Iraq, and the list goes on and on.  Thank you for having this site and God bless you.” Sara

“I enjoy receiving Sowing Seed of Faith. I copy a lot of them and read them to my Sunday School Class.  We range in age from 80 to 90 and it is always a blessing to read something like this to them. I also pray for the people on the prayer list. You are doing a good job in both fields.” Betty G.

“Sowing Seeds of Faith has done much to educate me in the ways of Christ. It has shown me how blessed I am even in the worst of circumstances because there are so many hurting souls in the world. Praying for them makes my troubles just disappear and I am so thankful…” Marie

“When everything seemed to go wrong, through prayer and words, I felt God’s warm grace.” Mary

“This is a ministry for the 21st century. I was nearly lost to despair when I wrote and was astounded to find people actually prayed for me. I am sure the prayers alone made the difference as I was starting to feel better the day after I requested prayers, after months of severe depression. I will be attending church services tomorrow for the first time in months. I am ready to hear the word of the Lord again. I felt so unworthy. Thank you for the prayers, and I can testify that your groups’ prayers helped.” Susan

“When I send in a prayer request, the people who answer my prayer requests and pray for me are very special.  Some of them have become email friends and we have been corresponding ever since.  We share our ups and downs and continue to pray for one another. It encourages me when I learn how God has answered their prayers… mine too.” Betty

“Although I’m losing my home and have nowhere for my family to go… the prayers and emails I received from other people saved my life. I was contemplating suicide. I’m not going to tell you that I don’t think about it still… but it’s not an option. Since I started reading the Sowing Seeds I have gone back to church. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. Please continue to pray that we don’t lose our home or find another one. We have less than two weeks and no money.” Vicki

“I heard from people all over the world. I developed a friendship with a girl from India. Each week I read the prayer requests and write a word of encouragement. I also forward prayer requests to those women in our group. You will probably never know how your ministry has touched so many lives.” Kim

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