Does your marriage need a little spice? Are you looking for something to liven up the old relationship? Believe it or not, a nationally recognized cosmetics company has an interesting solution. It is called, simply enough, “The Treatment.” My wife, Mell, who happened to work for the company, surprised me recently with a personal demonstration. And all I can say about ‘The Treatment’ is, “Wow!”

“Honey,” she said one morning. “I want to test one of our products. May I try it on you?”

After a long pause: “Does this mean I have to wear make-up?” I said, using my manliest voice.

She laughed, “this isn’t about make-up, silly. This is called ‘The Treatment’ and you’ll love it. The directions say, ‘If by any chance you are not moved, then I’m to check and see if you are still breathing. If you are breathing, then there is no telling what may happen next.’” After that she smiled sweetly and whispered softly in my ear, “I’ll see you tonight, baby!”

You can figure out the rest of the story but lately I’ve become a big fan of cosmetic products.

Why is a preacher telling you a story like this?

Because marriage like any important relationship requires a continuing willingness to give someone else special attention. Doug Fields in his book, Creative Romance talks about the importance of continuing your dating relationship long after the marriage vows are given. Doug writes:

“Adding creativity to your dating and romantic experiences will add sparkle to your time together. It will also communicate a message to your spouse that he or she is worth the time and energy required to bring about a great memory. You and your mate will never forget a creative date.”

The emphasis of Creative Romance is on breaking your routine and trying something different. Some of his more than 200 ideas for creative dating include:

  • List your spouse’s best qualities in alphabetical order.
  • Make your own movie scene – stop and kiss on a bridge as the sun is setting.
  • Fulfill one of your spouse’s fantasies.
  • Cut out romantic photos from magazines and write messages on them.
  • Develop a code word for sex that you can use in a crowd.
  • Sing a song to your spouse.
  • Have a candlelight picnic in the backyard.
  • Put fresh flowers in front of the bathroom sink and write “I Love You!” in lipstick.
  • Plant a tree together in honor of your marriage.
  • Mail a love letter to your spouse at work.
  • Drop everything and do something for the one you love – right now!

The Bible upholds the sanctity and wonder of marriage by simply saying, “…they will leave Father and Mother and be united to become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) The details are left to our imagination.

The word love appears more than 800 times throughout the Bible. The command of God to, “love one another”, begins with your spouse or closest friend and extends out to your children, neighbors and coworkers. Creative dating is a wonderful way to say to each other and to the world, “I love you!”

Here’s my challenge to each of you: “If you are married… drop everything and do something special for your spouse… soon! If you are single… drop everything and do something special for your closest friend… soon! Don’t wait. Do it now.”

As for me? My wife gave me a delightful gift called “the treatment.” Now, it’s my turn! Let’s see, I’ll turn the lights low, light a few candles, put on some special music… I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

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