Lord! Help Me Lose Weight Today!

by: Larry Davies | Oct 4, 2011

Oh Lord, I Pray… Help Me Lose Some Weight Today!              


            Prayer and dieting have a lot in common.


            I have a confession to make. There has been too many covered-dish suppers and too few fasts in my life lately: too much sitting at the computer and too little running around the church. My belly might as well be stamped “Made by Budweiser,” which is not a pretty sight for a preacher who doesn’t drink. If you haven’t guessed by now, let me be blunt. I’ve gained a little weight.

            But it’s not my fault. I’m a victim of uncontrollable circumstances caused by others:


  • My kids: It would be cruel not to buy them cookies for snacks, deserts and lunches and it would be impolite not to eat a few with them. (No more than six or eight at a time!)
  • My wife: She comes home from school hungry and needs a refreshing snack so to be a good husband; I eat just a little with her. (A whole bowl of popcorn is a little?)
  • My church: Can I help it if they have so many covered-dish suppers with delicious food?
  • My house: Much of my time is spent in the house within easy reach of the treats.
  • My job: I work so hard there simply is no time to exercise.
  • My lifestyle: There is no time to cook nutritional meals; so quick-fix junk food is a necessity.
  • My Childhood: Can I help it if my parents spanked me at a tender age, therefore, causing my uncontrollable urge to consume large quantities of chocolate?


            Are the violins softly playing in the background? Does anyone out there feel sorry for me? How does the country song go? ”Here’s a quarter. Call someone who cares!”


            What’s the point, Larry?


            The point is simply, I need to lose weight and there is really only one basic way to succeed. Forget the latest fads and learn the secret of the three D’s: Discipline, Diligence and Devotion to exercise.  All of my creative excuses fall flat because diet and exercise will help me do more work, spend time with the kids, feel better, live longer and have extra energy for fun. The discipline practiced today reaps rewards of health, happiness and a slim waistline tomorrow.


            So, what does this have to do with prayer? Everything!


            Charles Wheeler once said: “Prayer should be like the steering wheel of a car.” How could a car possibly function without a steering wheel? Instead, we more often treat prayer as a spare-tire. We only use it when there is something flat in our lives. But wait; Lord… it’s not my fault. I’m a victim!

            We sound like the title of a recent book. “O Lord, I Have Sinned, but I Have Some Great Excuses! Our prayer life failures sound a lot like my diet and exercise excuses. We’re busy with the children, the spouse, the job, the chores and a hectic lifestyle that allows no time for God. “I watch ‘Touched By An Angel’ every week. Does that count?”

            God’s attitude toward prayer is obvious: “I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.” (Proverbs 8:17) “Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.” (Psalm 5:3)

            The point is: God wants to have a relationship with us, which can only happen through habitual prayer. This brings up those same three D’s: Discipline, Diligence and Devotion to God. Again the creative excuses fall flat because a good prayer life will help us do more work, spend extra time with the kids, feel better, live longer and guarantee us an extraordinary eternal life!

            That was a good lesson, wasn’t it? Now the million-dollar question: (Is this my final answer?) Can the preacher practice what he preaches? “O Lord I pray… Please, help me lose some weight today!”

11 responses to “Lord! Help Me Lose Weight Today!”

  1. heather says:

    Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your article. I’ve been battling the bulge for many years myself. I have been praying diligently for god to help me get myself together & be healthy. Which I believe has a HUGE impact on all other areas of our life. I was wondering how things turned out for you & your lifestyle journey…

    Best wishes,

    • larrydavies says:

      Thank you for writing. I will always struggle some but for now my weight is much better. As I get older, I realize the importance of this more and more but I also understand the temptations and the struggles. I hope it is going well for you as well. God bless, Larry

  2. omayra santiago says:

    hi i will love to loose weight

  3. omayra santiago says:

    i need to loose weight

  4. angelina says:

    Lord I struggle every day, I’m not as confidant as I use to be and I am so insecure with my self , please lord I come to you for help seems like everyday I gain a pound and I just cannot do it without you .

  5. anne says:

    Lord in your mercy and goodness PLEASE help me loose weight. I feel so helpless.

  6. Louise says:

    Lord I am struggling also for years. Since a year retired and into the priesthood. I have arthrosis, so due to my serious joint problems I cannot move around well.My weight is becoming a serious problem and also by extension my overall health conditions. The Holy Spirit moved in me last night after a crisis and this morning I browsed the internet and found out about cardio workouts that can be done on a chair. By the grace of God I did some excercise this morning.
    After this brief excercise< I got treat of your article. God is at work. We just have to listen to his voice and let him continue to guide us. Shalom (from Curaçao, Dutch Antilles).

  7. Susan says:

    Need to lose weight but have to get to the real
    Issue as to why I don’t care what I put in my mouth.
    Maybe the lack of love from my husband his always getting irritated if I repeat something more than once. stressed because
    His family blames me for him not being there. We moved
    Cross country. My husband always pointing out my
    Flaws. I need god to help. Maybe if I was happy id lose
    Weight. The problem for some is not food — it’s re other
    Issues they have to deal with that makes them eat

    • larrydavies says:

      Please know that I will be praying for you that God fills you with the self-esteem you need to lose weight if you can but to know you are loved for who you are not how much you weigh.

  8. Cheryl says:

    I’ve approached weight loss from a scientific study that we need certain nutrients and if our body is screaming for food (mine has) because it didn’t get the nutrients, then I need to find comprehensive things to give my body. As I have, it doesn’t have that insistent demand for more food, but I am much more content. It really makes a difference. Love.

  9. Chevelle says:

    Lord please help me lose weight & to fight off my temp