“My church is my loving family. We searched for years and God blessed us. An ad about the choir brought us here, a nice couple told us about the service, “Come and See!” Been here ever since.”

“I walked into a church to see a play my youngest son was in. I had not set foot inside for years. I had given up on Christianity altogether. Something melted inside my heart. I felt an aching sense that I was missing something which could fill the spiritual hole inside me. The pull of that service kept tugging on me and I kept going back. The church has been responsible for nurturing my spiritual growth as a Christian through services, Bible Studies, workshops, prayer – the list goes on. Why is the church important to me? Without it, I would still be lost.”


Last week, I used a comparison between two hardware stores to illustrate how some churches do better than others when it comes to carrying out their purpose. This week you can read notes and letters from real people who were deeply impacted by their church.


“My church is a family and this family is so very supportive of each other.  If I am in need, I can always depend on my family for support!! Thank you for always being there.”


“When you think: ‘What’s the use?’ When you are in the valley: disappointed and discouraged. GOD cares and understands. He wants to give you miracles, unlimited. So, don’t give up. Look up. I’ve been there. God has opened the windows of heaven for me through my church and He will for you.”


“My church is a safe trusting place where you can be yourself, without judgment. There is a feeling of peace after the service. The Spirit of God is here.”


“I requested prayer a few months ago for my wife. She had cancer three times over the past twenty years and breast cancer for the past four years. She went for a CT scan this week and the doctor saw no sign of cancer. PRAISE THE LORD!”


“I love watching the children grow in our church. From pre-school to college graduation—watching the children grow in body and spirit is one of the greatest joys in my life.”


“One can always get a hug when it’s needed!!! This church is Alive! I was broken, and you welcomed me with open arms.”


“In one service we were given a rock, a symbol of our Baptism.  My husband carried that rock with him always. He worked over seas and it was usually in his shaving kit.  He has since passed but that rock is buried with him. I still have my rock, and as a token of that day when he passed away. My daughter put crosses on small rocks to give to all who attended the funeral. The Rock lives on.”


Speaking of rocks: Jesus said to Peter, “You are Peter which means ‘rock’ and upon this rock I will build my church and all the powers of hell cannot conquer it. (Mat. 16:18)


Churches are much like the human beings who attend: flawed. But the church still offers the best way I know to strengthen your connection with God and better understand God’s purpose for your life. If you have drifted away from God and the church perhaps it’s time to return. If you’ve never been, perhaps it’s time to see for yourself what God’s church is all about. Your life will never be the same.


How has God through your church impacted your life? Post a comment or send me an email at LarryDavies@PrayWithYou.org