Overwhelmed by email requests for prayer, I desperately sought God’s help and scriptural guidance. That’s when I discovered the story of a Roman officer who taught me a valuable lesson: “Just say the word from where you are, Jesus, and my servant will be healed.” (Luke 7:6-10) His trust and faith in Jesus Christ helped me learn that it’s never too late to ask for help.

Problems can become opportunities for growth. My problem became a turning point in my life and ministry. Meanwhile, email prayer needs continued:


  • Marsha (Minnesota) My 20-year-old twin daughters are leaving home. They both suffer with learning disabilities. I pray their co-workers will be patient and help them succeed.
  • Holly (Kentucky) My boyfriend has decided to go into the ministry. We are both seeking God’s will for our lives and hope to stay close together. 
  • Sharon (Canada) My son and his wife and five children: Their house caught fire and they have no home. They are low income. Nearly everything was lost.
  • Alex (Scotland) Granddaughter has Hodgkin’s disease. She has a growth in her chest, near her heart and has spots and holes in her kidneys…


I discovered the prayer requests weren’t burdens; far from it. God was giving me a breathtaking opportunity to provide ministry for people in need.


I needed to stop worrying over what “I” do and start having faith in what “God” can do.


The prayer requests were seeking guidance from God, not me. I was asked to pray and be a leader toward beginning a prayer ministry for others. God provided a “turning point” in my life. The question is: “What would I do with it?” With renewed enthusiasm, I began to pray:


  1. When each request flashed across the computer screen, I bowed my head and said a prayer for their situation now not later.
  2. Then I began to forward the email prayer requests to others and asked them to pray.


Today we have many volunteers around the world who joined our prayer ministry. In addition, God sent Brian Masinick who lives in another part of the country to be my prayer list manager. Each week he sends out prayer needs along with email addresses so that along with prayer you can send an encouraging email.


At Sowing Seeds Ministry, we regularly witness miracles, all due to our willingness to pass on prayer requests and trust in God and our prayer team for the rest.


“Thank you – you have saved my life of pain and torment.  I received so many messages from folks on your prayer team and I am totally overwhelmed! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I now feel foolish for the stupid thoughts of suicide and know there are many who love and care for me!  God bless you for your kindness and love!” – J


Another idea kept nagging me. “But, what about our churches? Could they be more involved?”


Many times on Sunday, during worship, copies of email requests are distributed. During the following week they too join in praying for those on the list. It’s exciting to know that we are praying for real people around the world and their specific needs.


One worship service ended with Communion. As people moved to the altar to receive the bread and cup symbolizing the body and blood of Jesus Christ they brought their email prayer requests with them to the altar.


What started as a problem became an opportunity for ministry. Those who asked for prayer are discovering answers. Prayer partners from all over the world are being used by God for ministry. Our churches have become excited partners in a prayer ministry.


And me? I’ve changed too. When prayer needs flash across the computer, I no longer feel burdened. I now know there is help readily available. Isn’t this what being the church is all about?


“I wish I had the words to express what was in my heart as I read the prayer requests this morning. What an eye-opener being part of Sowing Seeds prayer ministry has been after reading so many of them. What a call to prayer!” – K




Check out our prayer ministry and sign up to be one of our prayer partners. You can find out more information by clicking on the tab Prayer above. Maybe you are the one who needs prayer you can click here: https://www.sowingseedsoffaith.com/feedback.htm.