Recently, each family received a $10 bill with a challenge to multiply and use it in a way that would help someone or some organization and write about their experience. Here are a few of their stories.

The Ten Dollar Challenge, proved to be very CHALLENGING for me. My goal was to find a way to give back that required giving of myself in addition to anything monetary. Still holding on to that $10 was really bothering me. So, I made a monetary gift to Wounded Warriors. I am a veteran and witnessed physical suffering. But… “writing the check” required giving nothing of myself. Friday night dinner is always a visit to the local Mexican restaurant. Many times, I see an elderly gentleman who sits alone. I was told, his wife recently died. I paid for his dinner before anonymously but wanted to know more about him and do more. The next time I see him I will again pay for his dinner but this time I hope to introduce myself and offer to help him. I cannot imagine being old, alone, and eating by yourself.  – Larry

The gift of a tree does not multiply the amount in monetary terms, but it is certainly a gift to future generations. The value of a single tree may be insignificant but each and every tree gives us air to breathe, shade to cool, roots to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion, habitat for God’s creatures and beauty to treasure and cherish.  – Anna & Jason

We added to our $10 and bought a meal for two police officers They were shocked and pleased! Police officers are some of the finest people I know and put their lives on the line every day. – Dick & Sandy

I eagerly accepted my challenge to be the feet and hands of Jesus! I went to the grocery store and purchased  two rotisserie chickens and made 2 homemade chicken pot pies for an elderly gentleman in my neighborhood and another for a neighbor who just got home from the hospital with COVID. I then took DINNER to a neighbor across the street. The chicken and dumplings they said were just what they wanted and desired!  With the left-over chicken, I delivered chicken salad to a good friend for her lunch at school the next day with a note that said” I’m praying for you, today!  – Fonda

We donated to our neighbor whose son was paralyzed in a boating accident. The family is overwhelmed by what the future holds and needs support from family and community.  – Dino & Coleen

On the weekend, we received the ten-dollar challenge, the United States was pulling out of Afghanistan. In the process, we lost thirteen service personnel. We chose to take the ten dollars and add a few more to buy thirteen wreaths from Wreaths Across America. There is nothing more solemn than walking a National Cemetery during Christmas and seeing the rows of wreaths. It brings comfort and peace to us every year. We pray the same for the families who have just lost their loved ones. – Dan & Vicky

I bought a book of stamps, mailed out the following poem to my friends:

In the quiet of your home, With the Bible on your knee,

I invite you to share, In a wonderful cup of tea

Please be my honored guest, At this marvelous special tea

And remember all the others, Not as fortunate as we

With a special goal in mind, We hope you will agree

To send us a thoughtful gift, For the Missions of our church

I received over $500 to help others in need.  – Barbara

I was at an event where several Afghan refugees were staying. I watched a group of women bring in bags of toys to give out to children. These women didn’t know these kids, but to watch their faces light up with things as simple as crayons and small stuffed animals was incredible. These families LITERALLY left their country with nothing but the clothes they had on. I walked away from that interaction feeling overwhelmed and warmed but several hours later I thought: DARN IT! I should have given my $10 to those ladies who bought the toys. I got home and got to researching and found an organization set up to support refugees resettling in Virginia. My $10 was joined by a few more bills. — Susan & Sam

I added to the $10 and gave three young men, 11, 12 and 13 years old a challenge to do something good with it. They took a week and a half to think about what to do and came back with very good ideas. One gave a book to his school library. Another contributed something to his band class. The last one decided, with his brothers to make pet beds for the animal shelter. The boys got excited and are feeling good about the project. One little nudge to see what God can do in the form of a $10 challenge.  – Sharon

We discovered that several times, we purchased things we could live very well without! The occasional dinner out or fast food stop or an item we wanted at the time but didn’t truly need. So, we came up with 10 occasions when we should have been more mindful of our choices. If we have the choice to buy a burger, we also have the better choice to use that money to help others. This was a great reminder to look beyond ourselves with open hearts, gratefulness, and humility.  — Randy and Bobbi I contacted a special friend and found out she lost her leg. She could no longer work and had no medical insurance. With a prayer, a GoFundMe page was set up. I began sharing on Facebook, posting info everywhere and the local newspaper put in an article. My friend was overwhelmed and so appreciative of the donations and cards she received. The GoFundMe page raised approximately $12,000. Thanks to everyone who donated, shared her story and kept the prayers going.  – Steve & Alice