Memorial Day weekend of two thousand and three

I sent you a message asking ‘please write to me’

I said tell me anything, I didn’t really care

When you wrote me back, you said that you were there.


Maybe you wrote quickly and they were just words to you

You probably had no idea what those simple words would do

But it came at a time when new memories were fresh

Never in my life had I felt so alone and depressed.


Every week, Sowing Seeds Ministry sends 23,000 emails filled with devotions and prayer needs. Every month our website receives thousands of visitors worldwide. Many leave prayer requests which are emailed to more than 9,000 prayer partners. People have been healed, marriages strengthened, suicides prevented and thousands have renewed their relationship with God. But this heartfelt poem by Jayse titled simply: “Thank You,” describes our ministry so well.


Those weren’t just words to me; it felt like you were there

I didn’t understand why a stranger would even care

I sat at the computer and it seemed like I would cry

It didn’t happen though because all my tears are dry.


It touched me that you wrote when, you didn’t even know me

And it wasn’t just empty words; all the time you show me

It isn’t just the emails you write me nearly every day

It’s that you helped a lost person start to find his way.


There are no professional counselors on our website offering words of wisdom: Just thousands of ordinary folks who love God and are ready to respond to hurting people with encouragement and prayer. Yet in the midst of our efforts, God works miracles and lives are dramatically changed.


I wouldn’t be in counseling if not for writing you

You helped me understand, it was what I had to do

I remember how I told you. “I won’t go. That is weak!”

I thought to be in counseling would mean I was a freak.


But the memories kept coming, every day was worse

It felt like I was in the grasp of some kind of evil curse

I wondered if I didn’t get help, would it ever end?

Always you encouraged me saying, ‘hang in there, my friend.’


The Bible says this about encouragement: “Without wavering, let us hold tightly to the hope we say we have, for God can be trusted to keep his promise. Think of ways to encourage one another to outbursts of love and good deeds.” (Hebrews 10:23-24) You don’t need to be a preacher or theologian to be God’s encourager. You cling to God’s promise, reach out and let someone know you really care.


Still when a memory hits me, I don’t know what to do

Sometimes I get so angry: “when will they be through?”

Then I send you a message saying I’m not feeling right

You tell me to keep at it, don’t give up… but fight.


Everything I’ve told you: never did you judge

Except in a way that gives me a needed nudge

You give me an example how a man’s supposed to be

And it gives me confidence to know you believe in me.

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