Easter Faith

If Easter signifies more than bunnies, brightly colored eggs and new clothes then hard questions must be answered. Jesus resurrection has to be more than an interesting story celebrated annually? The Corona-virus Crisis has dramatically illustrated the need for answers to significant concerns. Where is God when the world is suffering? How does Easter Sunday help us find needed answers and hope when facing significant Monday problems?

Give It Away

As you think and pray about what to give away:
• Pain can turn to joy. A decision to give generously and creatively can be a joy.
• Possessions will often possess you. Letting possessions go can be a liberating experience that frees up your time, your energy and restores your sense of peace.
• Stuff is just stuff. Material things provide little of lasting value but kindness and generosity have the potential to change lives eternally and provide opportunities to share your faith.

Take Up Your Cross and Fly?

Take up your cross is about a commitment to a purpose bigger than ourselves. Christ accepted suffering because that was his purpose. The cross was his ultimate assignment and he was committed to seeing it through to the end. A bird’s purpose is to fly; but he must first be committed to the work and effort of flapping his wings over and over again. Our decision to shoulder the cross of Christ regardless of the cost is our commitment to “flap our wings” and to keep flapping until we finally fly.

Jesus, Lent & Prayer

Spiritual growth seldom happens naturally but requires a conscious investment of time and energy. We pause to more fully appreciate the gift God provided for us through Jesus and the resurrection we know as Easter. There are many ways to pause in worship for our spiritual growth. You could join a Bible study, set aside time to read devotions, meditate on their significance and pray. The Bible offers guidance: