Prayers & Poverty

It took me awhile to understand this refers to more than “who gets the best seats in church.” A subtle way to ignore the needs of the poor is to just avoid meaningful contact: “You can stand over there or else sit on the floor” can also mean, “You can live on the other side of town.” There is a word for ignoring the needs of the poor… Sin! How can we claim faith in Christ if we judge those in poverty?

2020 Begins With Crisis

2020 started fast and furious with one crisis following another. Devastating fires throughout Australia. A series of earthquakes in Puerto Rico. Potential war with Iran. Continuing Impeachment drama in our country. The United Methodist Church I love and serve is likely splitting into two denominations over LGBTQ+ issues. In addition, my community and people in the churches I serve experienced serious illness, emotional difficulties and heartache. It’s enough to ruin anyone’s attitude.