We honor by remembering and telling stories.


A 6-year-old girl excited about starting swimming lessons. Veronica Moser.


A televisions sports reporter called “a rising star” by her colleagues. Jessica Ghawi.


A cheery newlywed celebrating his 27th birthday. Alex Sullivan.


Their deaths, and nine others at the hand of a methodical killer ripping gunfire through a crowded theater, rocked their loved ones and shocked the nation as Aurora authorities Saturday released the full list of names of those killed at the midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises. (from USA Today)


A student at community college and worked at the Subway store, Micayla Medek. On Friday, Anita Busch, Medek’s father’s cousin, said the family had waited in agony for news. Now, they were heartbroken. Yet, Busch said, “I hope this evil act … doesn’t shake people’s faith in God.” Micayla Medek, 23

Four sailors from the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. Tenth Fleet at Buckley Air Force Base went to the Dark Night Rises. One, Larimer, never came home. A Navy notification team told his family at the next midnight that he never would. Navy Petty Officer John Larimer, 27

A mother and a student at the community college. Rebecca Wingo, 32

When the shooting began, Matthew McQuinn hurled himself over his girlfriend, Samantha Yowler. She lived, shot in the leg. Matthew McQuinn, 27

A cyber systems operator  on active duty with the 310th airborne. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, 29

Alexander Boik was at the movies with his girl friend. His family posted:  We want to try and focus on the beautiful lives that were ended and not the evil that is responsible. This is a time for us to remember our loved ones and cherish the memories we have of them. Alexander Boik, 17

Recently graduated from the University of Denver, planning on starting graduate school. His aunt, Barbara Slivinske, told the newspaper, “He was a wonderful person. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He was loved by everyone. He was a lot of fun, he had a great sense of humor, and he was very intelligent. He loved everybody and everybody loved him.” Alexander Teves, 24

Jansen Young told the Today Show she survived the shooting after her boyfriend, Jonathan T. Blunk, a Navy veteran and father of two, shielded her from the bullets by lying on top of her. “Jon just took a bullet for me,” she said. Jonathan Blunk, 26

Neighbors recalled Gordon Cowdon, 51, and the oldest person to be killed in the shooting, as a divorced single dad who loved to spend time with his children. He was a family guy, always with his kids, always walking around the neighborhood,” said Ismael, who lives next door. Gordon Cowdon, 51


For the twelve who died, for the many wounded and for all their families impacted by the senseless shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. May God bring comfort in the midst of tragedy.


My devotions included Psalm 18: “I love You, Lord; You are my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety. I called on the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and He saved me from my enemies. The ropes of death entangled me; floods of destruction swept over me. The grave wrapped its ropes around me; death laid a trap in my path. But in my distress I cried out to the Lord; yes, I prayed to my God for help. He heard me from His sanctuary; my cry to Him reached His ears. (Psalm 18:1-6)


·         You are my strength, my rock, my fortress and my savior.

·         You are my shield, the power that save me and my place of safety.

·         The ropes of death entangled me; floods of destruction swept over me.

·         I cried out to the Lord. I prayed to God for help.

·         He heard me. My cry reached His ears.


May God bring comfort and strength in the midst of crisis and senseless tragedy.


President Obama said: “If there’s anything to take away from this tragedy, it’s the reminder that life is very fragile. Our time here is limited and it is precious. And what matters at the end of the day is not the small things; it is not the trivial things, which so often consume us and our daily lives. Ultimately, it’s how we choose to treat one another and how we love one another.”


For those impacted by the events in Aurora, Colorado, we cry out to the Lord and pray for help knowing that God will hear our cries.