Follow me one step at a time. That is all I require of you. In fact, that is the only way to move through this space/time world.


You see huge mountains looming and you stat wondering how you’re going to scale those heights. Meanwhile because you’re not looking where you’re going, you stumble on the easy path where I am leading you now. As I help you bet back on your feet, you tell me how worried you are about the cliffs up ahead. But you don’t know what will happen today, much less tomorrow. Our path may take an abrupt turn, leading you away from those mountains. There may be an easier way up the mountains than is visible from this distance. If I do lead you up the cliffs, I will equip you thoroughly for that strenuous climb. I will even give My angels charge over you, to preserve you in all your ways.


Keep your mind on the present journey, enjoying My presence. Walk by faith, not by sight, trusting Me to open up the way before you.” (Jesus Calling)


With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall. (Psalm 18:29)


Eternal God: You cannot be constrained by our ways of counting time. Grant us, therefore, patient endurance and steadfast trust, so that we may wait for you without faltering and as witnesses to others, may serve you without hesitation in good times or ill; for the sake of Jesus Christ, the faithful witness. Amen.

(Wesleyan Way of Prayer)


Take a few moments to pray this morning for


Pastors and church leaders – For God’s Holy Spirit to be in control

For churches as they seek to make a difference today for the rest of the week

For all of us that this Sunday, we will see Jesus and experience God’s grace


“Merciful God: take from us all hardness of heart and dimness of mind. Remove our reluctance to know and do your will. Fill the church with Your Spirit as on the Day of Pentecost, and open the Scriptures for the benefit of your people of every language, tribe and nation; through Jesus, who is the Word made flesh in our midst. Amen”

(Wesleyan Way of Prayer)

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Mary Liz · February 3, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Thanks for this. Am praying the 31 days for Vital Congregations and hoping for God to send His Anointed One for Ginter Park UMC this June….the community needs a strong and compassionate leader.

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