A Dailly Dose of Godly Encouragement: Medicine for Tough Days

I love a good story! Don’t you? Stories are the best way I know to pass on information and communicate your message. In many ways, a good story can be just the medicine you need for tough days. For many years, I’ve utilized stories as a significant part of my ministry to motivate, encourage, and provide comfort. And I often start each day by spending a few moments of quiet which usually includes reading a few stories from the Bible and other sources. So, when I started writing, A Daily Dose of Godly Encouragement: Medicine for Tough Days, which will be released soon, I wanted to share the stories that influenced and motivated me, often during difficult days.

One person wrote: “I wanted to let you know that your devotions hit me like a ton of bricks at precisely the right moment. Currently, I am struggling with getting back on my feet after my move back home. I have had a difficult time finding suitable work. Your stories and Scripture were both fitting and comforting. No, it is not what job I have and it is not how much money I make. What is important is that this present situation in my life is a God-given opportunity for me to learn from my mistakes and grow in character and in Him. Thank you for reminding me of that.”

Stories also illustrate what is possible if we will step out of our comfort zone, listen to God’s prompting and take risks. For example:

A normal day at a local high school became a tragedy for a young sixteen-year-old boy full of enthusiasm and friendly mischief. During tennis practice he suddenly dropped to the ground clutching his chest. Within minutes this vivacious young man was gone. People appeared from all over. School officials opened the auditorium and encouraged the students to gather. A minister’s wife got word to fellow pastors. The students began to gather in small groups sharing memories and tears.

Just as we were preparing to leave, the father of one of the students said: “Before we go, I think we should pray. Let’s form a circle and hold hands. I’ll start and the rest of you join with me.” Nearly one hundred crying parents, students, pastors, and school officials formed a giant circle and bowed their heads. First one, then another offered heartfelt prayers to God for comfort, courage, and strength. For a few precious moments, we could all feel the Holy Spirit of God in our circle of mourners. That parent was a Godly influence amidst the intense grief.

This story illustrates how one person can make a huge difference in our community.

Living and surviving today is tougher than ever. Through the years, disagreements became arguments and arguments became increasingly divisive and violent. Christians and churches must take a stand but how? Expressing anger, complaining, talking politics will only provoke more of the same. How can we respond in a way that promotes God’s healing grace? 

As you read this collection of daily stories, I pray you will receive medicine for your tough and challenging days, and I pray you will find motivation to reach out to others with that same medicine of Godly encouragement and comfort.