Love On The Cross

Good and Bad News – Love on the Cross

Enclosed is a brochure and pictures.

The bad news is due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we face the sad reality that we may not be together inside our church buildings for the Lenten Season. One thing I deeply miss is the opportunity to be around all of you without the fear of spreading the virus.

But the good news is the vaccine is already being administered to many of our people in the community and in both congregations. So, I am thrilled to write: “There is light at the end of this long dark tunnel.”

The challenge for Lent is how can we actively participate without being able to see each other. The Conference Call Worship has certainly helped us to maintain contact and I am so grateful to those who help me prepare the service and for each of you as you participate.

Barbara Wilson discovered excellent materials for our Lenten preparation. Enclosed is a brochure and pictures. Place the materials where you participate in our Conference Call Worship. Then, before each Sunday we encourage you to cut out the appropriate picture and read the description and Scripture provided.

On Sunday, I will refer to the symbol as part of our message series: Love on the Cross.

Love on the Cross: is about two major forces that control the human personality: Love and Fear. Love on the Cross is the story of how love through the power of the cross can defeat the power of fear. “Perfect love drives out fear.” Jesus is our example of perfect love.

Each Sunday, we will explore the power of Love that was revealed to us through Jesus Christ. As we learn, through worship and the symbols provided, we open ourselves to become vehicles of God’s love.

Each Wednesday at 4:00 PM during Lent, we share Conference Call Prayer using the same phone number normally used for Conference Call Worship: 508-924-2730. This will be a time of sharing joys and concerns as we pray together. Your Wednesday morning email will be our guide to the time of prayer. 

We have a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks:

•            Feb 17 – Ash Wednesday – 4:00 PM Conference Call Prayer Service

•            Feb 21  “Love On the Cross: Love Shows the Way”   Lent Symbol: Sand

•            Feb 28  “Love On the Cross: Love Calls Us to Follow”       Lent Symbol: Rock

•            Mar 7    “Love On the Cross: Love Rejected”    Lent Symbol: Human Figure

•            Mar 14  “Love On the Cross: Love Must Rule Our Hearts” Lent Symbol: Candle

•            Mar 21  “Love On the Cross: Love Gives Life”       Lent Symbol: Shell

•            Mar 28 “Love On the Cross: Love Exalted”     Palm Sunday Symbol: Seeds

o                          Apr 1                                  Holy or Maundy Thursday

o                          Apr 2                                  Good Friday

•            Apr 4 “Love On the Cross: Love Victorious”     Easter Symbol: A Surprise

During this Lenten season, let us worship and participate together and may the power of love revealed through Jesus of Nazareth re-create us. May God’s love shine through each of us in this dark world of pandemics and divisiveness bringing light and life, hope and direction.

You can download the brochure by clicking here, and the pictures here.