Help! I’m an ADHD Leader!

by Sue Brage of Volunteer Central

Do you ever feel that way? Like no matter how hard you try,
life, work and ministry pull you in too many directions?

Consider Proverbs 4:25: “Let your eyes look right on
[with fixed purpose], and let your gaze be straight before you.” (AMP)

I think this verse sums up the greatest challenge we face in
day-to-day life and leadership: the ability to stay focused on the right
things. With constant demands for our attention and the pull to be connected at
all times (this is especially difficult to resist, isn’t it?), how can we keep
our attention where it belongs?

As Senior Pastor of North Point Church, Andy Stanley
certainly has many opportunities to get distracted from what God has called him
to do. In his teaching series, “Balanced,” he gave three practical
ideas to keep our perspective, focus, and direction in the right place.

First, we need to have a proper reference point. This
is the place we come back to when life begins to feel off balance. It starts
with prayer, worship, and spending time with God. It may include a scripture
verse, quote, or chapter from a book that speaks to you. Maybe there you need
time with that person who always seems to help you find your perspective.
Finding our reference point draws our attention back to God and his purpose for

Next, we need to make constant course corrections. If
a day gets off track, or we get caught up in things that are not our
responsibility or priority, we need to make an adjustment. Don’t beat yourself
up. Just make an effort to get your mind back on track and move on.

Then, we need to have clear objectives. Knowing
where you are going is one of the best ways to fight distraction. Often we are
waylaid in our focus and attention because we don’t have a well-defined goal or
timeline. Taking time to plan your day, week, month, or even year can help you
feel more grounded and able to keep your eyes fixed straight ahead on what God
has for you!