Why? What If? If Only?

One of the most difficult seasons of life is the traumatic or unexpected death of a loved one. We are left reeling with questions of “Why?” Our broken spirits seek answers when there seems to be none. Life suddenly comes to a screeching stop, nothing makes sense, and the world as we know it is turned totally upside down. A wrenching heartache often leaves us reeling in disbelief, and there seems to be no reasonable answers for our loved one’s death.

“Why, What If, If Only” was developed by Grief Care Fellowship, people who lost loved ones and navigated through the maze of hurt and heartache caused by grief. Like many of us, they have experienced deep emotional pain. Their encouragement will enable others to find hope.

“Why, What If, If Only” is a six to eight-week gathering consisting of a short video, followed by discussion time to share thoughts, comfort and encouragement.

The leaders of the Grief Support Ministry at Mineral and Mount Pleasant United Methodist Churches hope to come alongside and minister to your hurting spirit. They walked where you walk and share their life-altering grief experiences. They also share how God brought them encouragement, insights, and healing. This series has been developed uniquely for you. We believe it will be a helpful and healing influence for your journey forward.

When: Every Tuesday for approximately six weeks starting Oct. 13 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM

Where: Mineral UMC – 301 W. Third Street, Mineral

Contact: Ron Sims at ronsims05@gmail.com or Larry Davies at LarryDavies@PrayWithYou.org