Jesus said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Love you neighbor as yourself.”  (Parts of Matthew 22:37, 38)


I’ve learned to use three very basic questions guide my ministry.


  1. How strong is my foundation?
  2. How big is my dream?
  3. How good is my team?


A strong foundation depends upon a continuous ongoing relationship with God that includes prayer, Bible study and a willingness to listen to God’s Holy Spirit.


If I love my Lord with all my heart, soul and mind then I want to spend time and energy developing and strengthening my relationship with God. I want to be with Jesus and listen for guidance. I want to learn all I can from God’s word.


Dreaming big dreams is a challenge to fully rely on God. If your dreams aren’t big, you don’t need or appreciate what God provides.


If I love my neighbor as much as I love myself then I pray for God to give me opportunities to be a witness in a big way.


Great teams accomplish far more than any individual. There are only so many tasks you can accomplish alone; so many people you can pastor; so many needs you can satisfy.


Admitting that I need help reminds me of my dependence upon others and upon God. I can’t do all that much alone but with others all guided by God’s Holy Spirit, we can witness and accomplish miracles.


Vital congregations are churches that encourage strong foundations. They dream big dreams and build great teams as they work toward the overall mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


How strong is your foundation?

How big is your dream?

How good is your team?


Prayer:  Lord, May I depend upon you for the strength of my foundation. Guide my dreams so they will always be big. Help me utilize and appreciate those you send for my team. Amen.