Newly Published: A Daily Dose of Godly Encouragement: Book 2: Spring

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February 20 – Sam (Letter by Samantha Mingin)

1 John 5:1-5

I asked for stories of how God or our church impacted their lives. Sam sent a letter that says so much about what a church should and could be. 

“When you asked the question: “What the church means to me?’ I had no idea where to begin. Where do you start and how do you put into words that your life has been forever changed within the last two years of being within these walls?”

“My mom and stepdad started taking me to church when I was in diapers. I grew up in this church and made great friends. I was involved in Vacation Bible School, youth group. You name it; I was part of it. Little did I know my parents and this church were creating in me a foundation of faith.”

“During my early adult years, I discovered a passion for leading worship at another church, however, a divorce and becoming a single parent to a 6-month-old led to me being told I was no longer welcome to be the face of worship. I did not turn my back on God, but I did wonder where I was supposed to be.”

“I received a call inviting me to join the worship team at my home church. I wasn’t sure how I’d make it work but the church welcomed me and my daughter back with open arms. It felt like I was starting to find my place and it brought me so much joy to use my gift to help others experience God’s love through music.”

“Then came the invite to join a small group. Not going to lie, I put it off for a year. If you’re still reading this, take my advice and don’t wait as long as I did. I joined a group of people each Sunday and quickly realized they had taken my daughter and I in as one of their own. We became family. God’s timing is so, so good.” 

“Right after joining the group, I became a full-time single parent. This group not only walked alongside us, but they also walked ahead of us; foreseeing challenges and making sure we would never be alone. I realize that I have a village of twelve beautiful souls who will forever be walking through life with me.”

Max Lucado writes: “At some point in life, God’s love must move from being a concept we wonder about to a conscious experience that transforms us. God’s love deserves better than a half-hearted acknowledgement!”

What the church does best will never make headlines. There is no news in a day-to-day habit of loving others the way God loves us. But there is a large population outside and inside our door that needs to see, feel, hear, taste and smell that love. They need what Sam experienced and what God’s church is ready to give.

Prayer Challenge: What does or should God’s church mean to you?