Food is desperately needed in Southern Sudan – A Medical Facility in Old Fangak


Troy Henson and Ray Buchanan from Stop Hunger Now have been in touch with me over the last few days about a huge need in the Southern Sudan of Africa and a way we can help. There is an emergency situation in Old Fangak in Southern Sudan. Two twenty foot containers are being shipped to help the local hospital where they are applying medicine to people who are sick but have no food to help with their recovery. The situation is dire.


Ray Buchanan sent a link for a National Geographic video that highlights the village and what they are going through. The video is 37 minutes but paints a very clear picture of the area and the needs of the medical facility. The doctor highlighted in the video is the same one we will be sending the emergency meals.


What is needed?


They are 35,000 meals short and need to fill that need as soon as possible: Hopefully by the end of the month.


Would anyone be interested in putting together a packaging event or would participate if one of our districts put one together?


One church could easily do 10,000 meals. A district with multi-church support could easily package 35,000 meals.


Donation needs for each 10,000 meals packaged would be $2500.


So for 35,000 meals the need is for $8700.


Here is the latest email from Ray Buchanan:


There is an emergency need for food at the moment, and it is only going to get worse over the next few months. Stop Hunger Now wants to immediately ship 2 twenty foot containers of meals. Our hope is that we could use meals already packaged, then these meals would be replaced by packaging events yet to be held. (But we cannot ship meals already committed unless we KNOW that they will be replaced.) Any help you can provide will make a life-saving difference in an area in extreme need. If I can be of any assistance in your efforts, please let me know.


I just received this National Geographic piece on Old Fangak. Everyone needs to take the time to watch the entire piece. It is the best way to understand why SHN is working in Old Fangak and is a beautiful description of the village and its needs.  Watch this ASAP, and then share it with friend, family and SHN supporters who might want to help.

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Mary Lou Long (Novak) · January 16, 2012 at 10:59 pm

I am now attending a cute little Episcoplian church but would love to help if someone get’s an event, site, and time planned….let me know! (I’m retired) Thanks

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