Evangelism? Not Me!!

Many of us today are bombarded with messages of all kinds and our level of trust for anything religious is low. Maybe, it’s because we saw evangelists pleading for money while they travel the world in private jets and live in multi-million-dollar mansions. Or maybe it’s being accosted by people in long robes at airports handing out flowers and asking if we knew Jesus. For me, it’s the guy who shook my hand and his first words were “If you died today, do you know where you’re going?”

An Audacious Miracle

What a wild prediction: famine to feast in 24 hours or donkey head soup to chicken in every pot! Is this like election year politics filled with empty promises? But this promise isn’t made by politicians. This promise is from a prophet of God. But how? There would have to be a huge military victory followed by an economic miracle and all occurring in just one day!