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$10 Challenge: Practicing Extravagant Generosity

by: Larry Davies | October 24, 2017

“Recently, my husband and I visited your church. We received along with everyone else, a gift – a $10 bill – as part of your Practicing Extravagant Generosity Campaign. We were encouraged to either multiply the gift and bring the proceeds back as an offering or use the gift for one or more acts of […]

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Shark Tank

by: Larry Davies | October 17, 2017

I had a dream where one of the “Shark Tank” investors (I think it was “Mr. Wonderful) had me on the show and asked: “If I wanted to invest a million dollars in a church, why would I choose yours?” I found myself stammering: “Why are you asking?”   He said: “I want to invest […]

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Responding to God’s Invitation: Sri Lanka

by: Larry Davies | October 11, 2017

God challenged a church I served in 2004 to think bigger and miracles followed. In December, a Tsunami devastated parts of Asia. We raised money and accepted several projects including sponsoring a ship full of rice to Sri Lanka. Then I was asked: “Would you go with us to Sri Lanka? You could see the […]

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Responding to God’s Invitation

by: Larry Davies | October 3, 2017

Church leaders tell me: “There is little hope for our church. We are small and only getting smaller. In response last week, I shared a parable Jesus told about sending invitations to a great feast and the people invited didn’t come. In other words, we the church receive an invitation to God’s feast and we […]

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