Remembering Ann Salster

by: Larry Davies | July 21, 2017

Years ago, I was pastor of three churches trying to make a difference in Amelia County. The three churches were doing ok but I strongly felt we needed to do more for our community. The weekly paper, “The Amelia Bulletin Monitor” seemed to be a logical place to seek ideas, so one morning I walked […]

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Asking for Help Leads to Prayer Ministry

by: Larry Davies | July 17, 2017

Overwhelmed by email requests for prayer, I desperately sought God’s help and scriptural guidance. That’s when I discovered the story of a Roman officer who taught me a valuable lesson: “Just say the word from where you are, Jesus, and my servant will be healed.” (Luke 7:6-10) His trust and faith in Jesus Christ helped […]

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Ask for Help

by: Larry Davies | July 12, 2017

Problems can become opportunities for growth. Well, I had a problem. I encouraged visitors to our Website to share concerns through an interactive web page, entitled “Prayer Needs.” Over the next few weeks, I received nearly one hundred requests for prayer from around the world. Here are a few examples (Names changed and requests […]

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Taking a Stand: Daniel, Food & Movies

by: Larry Davies | July 9, 2017

Years ago, living as a small church pastor in a rural area, I would occasionally rent movies from the local video store. One day while browsing, I noticed a sign on a door: “No one under twenty-one allowed.” I thought. “Well, I’m twenty-one. Let’s take a peek!” Big mistake! The pictures on the video boxes […]

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