Kicking Cats

by: Larry Davies | April 26, 2017

The steering wheel was never gripped tighter as Jim drove to work Monday morning. Jim, the owner of a local automobile dealership was angry — real angry. Early that morning his wife forcefully exclaimed: “I can’t take your workaholic ways anymore. We’re through. If you don’t learn to spend more time with me and your […]

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Facing the High Dive

by: Larry Davies | April 19, 2017

Telling my dad, “I want to jump off the high diving board at the adult pool,” sounded brave spoken from the safety of the ground. But, as I joined the line climbing the endless steps necessary to reach the diving area my ‘fearless’ words sounded like the dumb bragging of the eight-year-old boy, I was. […]

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Learning from Doubting Thomas

by: Larry Davies | April 12, 2017

Thomas was a disciple of Jesus. We know him as “Doubting Thomas.” Why? Thomas asks probing questions. His questions and doubts ultimately provide answers for us. Shortly after Jesus death, the disciples were hiding, fearful of being arrested as a follower of Jesus. Their leader and savior brutally executed. Soldiers were likely searching for other […]

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Daddy, You Forgot Me!

by: Larry Davies | April 6, 2017

I thought my young daughter was with someone else. Following worship services, we were going with a group to lunch. When I arrived at the restaurant, a funny sensation formed in the pit of my stomach. I tried to remain calm but something was wrong. “Where’s my daughter?” I asked. “Have any of you seen […]

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