Popeye and Spinach Theology

by: Larry Davies | July 27, 2016

I grew up watching, Popeye the Sailor Man cartoons. Each episode usually centered on someone, namely Brutus messing with Popeye’s girl, Olive Oyl. Popeye would take the harassment for a while but the bad stuff kept piling on and he would get madder and madder until, at some point Popeye would cry out: “That’s all […]

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Town Hall Meeting with President Obama – Conclusion

by: Larry Davies | July 22, 2016

In the midst of a crisis of violence, ABC News invited three people from our church to attend a National Town Hall meeting where President Obama was asked questions by people from around the country. We didn’t get a chance to ask our questions but came away knowing we were meant to be there. The […]

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Town Hall with President Obama

by: Larry Davies | July 17, 2016

It all started with an email from ABC News: “In the aftermath of the tragic events that have shaken the country over the past two weeks, ABC News would like to invite you to participate in a unique broadcast: a town hall with the President of the United States that will air nationwide on Thursday, […]

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Saying “Hello” to Fredericksburg

by: Larry Davies | July 1, 2016

This first week in July where we celebrate the birth of our nation is an interesting time for me to begin as pastor of Fredericksburg United Methodist Church. Fredericksburg UMC has existed almost as long as America itself. In the introduction to, Fredericksburg United Methodist Church, describes FUMC as a church in the midst of […]

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