Saying Good-Bye to Lynchburg

by: Larry Davies | June 22, 2016

Larry’s gotta go, his time is up, we know… Larry’s got to go away… Fredericksburg is glad, but Lynchburg’s really sad Bless you each and every day. (Written by Nancy Johnson as part of a Good-bye Roast) If getting roasted is a compliment, then I am one fortunate pastor. Two songs and one poem plus […]

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Orlando & The Church

by: Larry Davies | June 15, 2016

Last week, I shared Facebook responses to the question, “Why don’t people go to church?” There were two answers from Mike and Susan and others. Most of the comments fell in these general categories: We preach morality but seldom live it. Hypocrites. We focus on converts for our church rather than caring about others. Selfish. […]

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Why Aren’t They Coming to Church Anymore?

by: Larry Davies | June 8, 2016

Several years ago, I posted a question on Facebook: Why are so many people, especially young people walking away from church and/or God? I received many answers. Here are two examples: Mike – I either was always saved or getting saved, until I learned how to fake it! It wasn’t until I was in my […]

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Mistake Becomes Precious Memory

by: Larry Davies | June 2, 2016

Rev. Ronna L. Swartz was to lead a communion service for the leadership team of an upcoming Emmaus Walk. Holy Communion is always an important part of Emmaus and she wanted to do her part to make the service meaningful. Several people on the team experienced particularly difficult situations so Rev. Swartz wanted to offer […]

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