by: Larry Davies | March 23, 2016

China built the “Great Wall” stretching thousands of miles, to ensure their security from foreign invaders. Yet during the first hundred years after the wall was completed, China was successfully invaded three times, not by going over the wall or tearing it down, but by bribing the guards and simply marching through the gates. China […]

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Easter and The Little Church that Could

by: Larry Davies | March 15, 2016

Do you remember, “The Little Engine that Could?” A train full of toy animals, dolls and every kind of thing boys or girls could want was stranded and could not get over the mountain to the village of children on the other side. What would they do? • A shiny new engine, asked by the […]

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Jesus Christ Superstar

by: Larry Davies | March 11, 2016

Every year at this time I look through my oldies but goodies music collection and listen to a Rock Opera popular during my teenage years: “Jesus Christ Superstar.” One song tells the story about Palm Sunday starting with crowd that greets Jesus as he rides into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Hosanna, Heysanna, […]

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Will it Take Six Strong Men to Bring You Back?

by: Larry Davies | March 5, 2016

A newspaper ad displayed a photograph of six men carrying a coffin through the doors of a church. The caption read: “Will it take six strong men to bring you back?” Will it take six strong men to bring you back? The ad made me feel uncomfortable but the question was a good one. A […]

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