Thomas Dorsey: The Kind of Person We Become by Tim Richards

by: Larry Davies | September 22, 2015

Tim Richards is a writer, pastor and friend. He began writing for his local newspaper more than twenty years ago and has written for multiple newspapers since, including the St. Louis Post Dispatch. His weekly column presently appears in papers throughout his home state of Missouri as well as in Colorado and North Carolina. You […]

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Popeye and Spinach Theology – Conclusion

by: Larry Davies | September 19, 2015

When Popeye the Sailor needed help, there was always a can of spinach nearby to provide a supernatural fix. It’s tempting to think of God as the can of spinach, ready to provide answers. “Spinach Theology” is only good when a miracle follows. What happens if there is no miracle? Some people leave the church […]

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Popeye and Spinach Theology

by: Larry Davies | September 12, 2015

I grew up watching, Popeye the Sailor Man cartoons. Each episode usually centered on someone, namely Brutus messing with Popeye’s girl, Olive Oyl. Popeye would take the harassment for a while but the bad stuff kept piling on and he would get madder and madder until, at some point Popeye would cry out: “That’s all […]

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