Only $7.43 – Taking Next Steps to Help Those in Poverty

by: Larry Davies | January 29, 2015

The preacher was a gifted speaker whose heart was clearly loving and open to the most difficult problems. He had great affection for not only that congregation but the community in which they lived. One Sunday he spoke from his heart about a dilemma he felt with great sorrow. With candor he asked the question, […]

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Only $7.43 – Becoming Proactive in Helping the Poor

by: Larry Davies | January 24, 2015

Recently, I described a missed opportunity to help a mother buy $7.43 worth of baby food. There are no acceptable excuses. I messed up. But getting involved with helping those in poverty is not easy. Improving financial resources alone is no guarantee. In fact, improving financial resources alone can actually complicate matters. Often, for every […]

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Only $7.43 – Understanding Poverty

by: Larry Davies | January 19, 2015

Last week, I described a missed opportunity to help a mother attempting to buy $7.43 worth of baby food in a grocery store. There are no acceptable excuses. I messed up. $7.43 serves as an ongoing reminder to be more vigilant for opportunities to help someone in need. “Thank you so much for ‘Only 7.43.’ […]

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Only $7.43

by: Larry Davies | January 9, 2015

The following true story more than any other reminds me to be alert for opportunities God continually gives to help others in need. I blew it. I missed a valuable opportunity and learned a critical lesson. Over the next few weeks, I hope to share some of those lessons learned and offer ways that we […]

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Psalm One & John Wesley

by: Larry Davies | January 1, 2015

January can be an opportunity given by God to start over. One question guides me: “How can I strengthen my relationship with God this year?” Psalm one gets straight to the point when it comes to our relationship with God. Every day, we make choices. Will those choices be good or not…? “Oh, the joys […]

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