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10 Books for Summer 2014 Part 2

by: Larry Davies | May 25, 2014

Here are the second five of my top ten books for the summer. They are not always religious books but they are interesting and helpful. With each book I enclose information provided by followed by my comments: “Why I recommend this book.”   “Listen: Praying in a Noisy World” by Reubon P. Job. We […]

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10 Books for Summer 2014

by: Larry Davies | May 18, 2014

When asked a question, I may not know the answer but I often suggest a helpful book. I read a lot and love to recommend books to others. So, why not share? Here are my favorite books for summer of 2014. They are not always religious but they are interesting. The list is in no […]

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Pink Flamingos

by: Larry Davies | May 11, 2014

Many years ago, as a young and naive preacher, I was ambushed, bushwhacked, hijacked. What follows is my story…   I am being held captive by insidious members of our church youth group. As the esteemed writer Dave Berry would say: “I am not making this up!”   Also, my humble apologies to the Flamingo […]

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The Dentist and Trust

by: Larry Davies | May 5, 2014

Three movie scenes so scary, I still have flashbacks:   A flock of birds sitting, waiting, staring — at you: Alfred Hitchcock’s, “The Birds” You hit the beach and enter the water, suddenly a telltale fin appears and the cadence begins; dum-dum, dum-dum: “Jaws.” Dustin Hoffman strapped in a dentist’s chair while the villain, stands […]

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