Perspective Lifters

by: Larry Davies | April 27, 2014

I was having one of those days.   Nothing seemed to go right. It started with a trash can lid disappearing after the pick-up. The company said another one would be delivered in about a week. A week? Where do we put the trash? Every hour afterward seemed to bring more bad news: numerous phone […]

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From Fear to Faith

by: Larry Davies | April 21, 2014

Jesus had a disciple named Thomas. We know him as Doubting Thomas. Why doubting? Shortly after Jesus death, imagine being holed up inside a house, fearful, confused and desperately seeking answers. What happened? Jesus, was brutally tortured and executed. The word out on the street says they are searching for Thomas and any friends. As […]

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Monday After Easter

by: Larry Davies | April 12, 2014

On the Monday following Easter, Arthur, a business owner will have to lay-off an employee who has been with his company since the beginning. How will Christ’s resurrection help him make painful decisions with assurance?   On the Monday following Easter, Jennifer, a minister and her spouse will be asked to move to a country […]

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Scripture plus Letters Equals Hope

by: Larry Davies | April 5, 2014

During Holy Week we remember what Jesus endured on the last week of his earthly life. Why? Why did Jesus have to suffer and die in this this way? What does it really mean? What follows are several Scripture readings accompanied by real letters sent in by our readers. My prayer is that you will […]

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