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Halloween and Wine?

by: Larry Davies | October 27, 2013

Many years ago, a Bible teacher at our elementary school began her lesson with a shocking statement: “Jesus was not perfect. In fact, Jesus sinned!” I was stunned. It’s not as if I was making any plans to become a pastor or theologian, yet. I just pictured Jesus as faultless. What sin did the Son […]

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Halloween and All Saints

by: Larry Davies | October 20, 2013

I have a confession to make! This is going to be hard for a preacher to admit. I always liked Halloween. No, I’m not kidding — I like Halloween! I like the candy, scary costumes, more candy, horror movies, jumping out of the bushes screaming, “Boo!” Hmmm, did I mention the candy?   My old […]

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National Crisis and Psalm 73

by: Larry Davies | October 14, 2013

The news this week seemed more exasperating than usual. Here are three examples:   National – After days of on again-off again negotiations at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, the fiscal crisis gripping Washington now hangs in the balance. World – Typhoon Phalin is the fiercest storm to hit India in more than a decade. […]

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Uncle Bobby

by: Larry Davies | October 7, 2013

After completing two difficult tours in Vietnam, my Uncle Bobby said there were three things, he never wanted to live without again: air conditioning, hot showers and toilet paper.  Visit Bobby, you would be warmly welcomed but his house was always and I mean always cold. That’s the way I remember my uncle: In the midst […]

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