Church: Why I Came Back

by: Larry Davies | September 30, 2013

Last week, after Mike shared what was wrong with the church, he offered this advice: “We (the church) need to go back to the basics. Give me people who “know” God and desire to see others come to this knowledge.  Let us then go and “live” the word through our actions daily.”   We need […]

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Church: Why They Don’t Come

by: Larry Davies | September 22, 2013

Several years ago, I posted a question on Facebook: Why are so many people, especially young people walking away from church and/or God? I received many answers. Here are two examples:   Mike  – I either was always saved or getting saved, until I learned how to fake it!  It wasn’t until I was in […]

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Windshield or Bug — Sand or Rock

by: Larry Davies | September 16, 2013

Several years ago, on a quiet Monday morning, I received an ominous phone call: “Rev. Davies, this is the high school. Your son is not in school today.”   “You must be mistaken,” I said, trying to sound calm. “He left the house on time. Are you sure, he’s not there?”   “Yes sir. We […]

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The Healing Power of Laughter

by: Larry Davies | September 8, 2013

“Are there any prayer needs today?” I asked during a worship service. One person mentioned a neighbor who was sick. Another spoke of a couple with financial problems. A young man asked us to pray his grandmother. I said, “If there are no other concerns let us bow our heads and pray.”   Then I […]

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Lighthouse Miracles

by: Larry Davies | September 2, 2013

Drayton Hawthorn, described tense moments experienced while waiting for his wife’s surgery. “It was ten o’clock at night and she was outside looking at the stars! I thought it was settled and done. Robin’s surgery was a few short days away and although the doctors assured her this was a routine procedure, she was still […]

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