A Lighthouse: Pray, Care, Share

by: Larry Davies | August 25, 2013

Years ago, I became part of “The Lighthouse Movement,” a coalition of Christians representing churches around the world. Our goal is to pray for and care for our neighbors while looking for opportunities to share our beliefs. “I am convinced that if we Christians can mobilize and equip our people to get out of the […]

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Getting Even – Seeking Revenge

by: Larry Davies | August 19, 2013

Tolstoy wrote about an honest and hardworking Russian peasant who spent the night in a local inn. Someone was brutally murdered and the murderer placed the weapon in the bag of the sleeping peasant. The police discovered it and put the hapless peasant in jail. For twenty-six years the peasant survived the harsh conditions of […]

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More on Healing

by: Larry Davies | August 12, 2013

Last week’s column about healing brought a lot of comments and questions. For example:   “Why heal some but not others? I have never understood how little children can be so sick and are never healed, it hardly seems fair. (I know, life isn’t fair) And there are others that skate through life destroying as […]

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Healing Service — Answers

by: Larry Davies | August 4, 2013

Last week, I wrote about attending a healing service that left me feeling confused and filled with questions: Are special services necessary for God to heal? How did the preacher know so much information about me? Was the woman at the service healed of a blood disorder simply because hands were placed on her? What […]

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