Laughing at Me

by: Larry Davies | June 30, 2013

“Learn to laugh at yourself more freely. Don’t take yourself or your circumstances so seriously.”                                                                              – “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young   “35 flavors of milk shakes,” screamed the commercial. After several hundred exposures to the ad, Mell and I decided to take action. We drove to the curb-side service restaurant and placed […]

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Bishop Cho and Annual Conference

by: Larry Davies | June 24, 2013

For several days in June of each year, our Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church meets as a body. With over 1100 churches, this amounts to a lot of people. I confess to not always having a positive attitude toward spending several days sitting still in a chair listening to a multitude of reports […]

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Lighthouse: More Than A Children’s Story

by: Larry Davies | June 10, 2013

One of my favorite children’s messages is about lighthouses.   “It is a dark and stormy night.” (The room becomes dark.) “Lightning flashes across the sky.” (Various lights begin blinking.) “The wind is howling.” (Sounds of a storm fill the room.) “The ship is tossed about.” (Everyone starts swaying from side to side.)   Here […]

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Class of 2013: “Surf’s Up!”

by: Larry Davies | June 3, 2013

As a teenager, during the 1960’s there was nothing more exciting than surfing: Beach Boys music, parties on the beach and fun, fun, fun. Surfers dared to be unique. They acted and dressed different. Surfers wore pants with holes in the knees and T-shirts with surfer logos. They drove converted vans with surfboards on top. […]

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