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Ten Books For 2013 – Part One

by: Larry Davies | January 28, 2013

When asked a question, I may not know the answer but I often suggest a helpful book. I read a lot and love to recommend books to others. So, why not share? Here are my favorite books for 2013. They are not always religious but they are interesting. The list is in no particular order. […]

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Helping the Caregivers

by: Larry Davies | January 27, 2013

Bishop Philip Weeks is a friend who is caring for his wife who has dementia. The following email was sent to help churches understand what they can do to help those who are at home caring for family members.   Last Thursday Dr. Silverman from the Central Virginia Area Agency on Aging met with several […]

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Sunday Prayer – January 20, 2013

by: Larry Davies | January 20, 2013

Sunday Prayer – January 20, 2013   “You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals.”  — Booker T. Washington For the peace from above, for the loving-kindness of God, and for the salvation of my soul, I pray to the Lord. Lord, have mercy. For […]

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Restoring Trust and Faith: The Power of Small Groups

by: Larry Davies | January 13, 2013

There were many significant people and events which profoundly impacted my life. Here are three:   Disciple Bible Study met every week for two and half hours, required study and prayer for half an hour every day, all for a total of nine months as we studied nearly 90% of the Bible. This was intense […]

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