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Stopping Time

by: Larry Davies | November 25, 2012

Mitch Albom’s, “The Time Keeper.” is a story about an old man who is desperately trying to live forever and a young teenage girl who wants to end her life prematurely. Their stories intertwine and in the end both of them learn a new appreciation for the meaning and significance of time.   “We do […]

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Celebrating Thanksgiving

by: Larry Davies | November 18, 2012

I love Thanksgiving. I really do! Why? Well for one, it’s the only holiday that hasn’t been overly commercialized yet, unless you count grocery stores.   We eat. We visit family. We eat some more. We watch a football game. We eat again.   Speaking of eating, here is an interesting Thanksgiving lyric: “When turkey’s […]

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“Look Behind You”

by: Larry Davies | November 12, 2012

Sometimes, the joy of being a follower of God seems far, far away. Have you ever experienced one of those days when nothing is going right?   The boss is giving you those, (I can’t believe you work for me!) looks! The kids are whining, the dogs are barking, the phone is ringing and your […]

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Response to “Sandy” and Veterans Day

by: Larry Davies | November 11, 2012

This morning, I’m including an update just received from a team from one of our churches that is now in Maryland. Thought you would want to see it. I’m also including a prayer to remind us of the importance of Veterans Day.   How can we be the church in the midst of “Sandy” and […]

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A Different Perspective

by: Larry Davies | November 4, 2012

“Nearly five hundred children come to our house every Halloween,” said Chas while we were eating with a group of men gathered for a spiritual retreat.. “I was in the midst of prayer when an idea came to me that I should do something different this year. Why couldn’t I give those children and their […]

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