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Vital Congregation: Monroe UMC

by: Larry Davies | August 30, 2012

Rev. George Riggins, Pastor of Monroe UMC wrote this on his blog.   I’m excited!   I’m sure you are curious about the reason for my excitement.   Actually, I think our whole congregation has reason to be excited.   Now I know you are curious!   Two days ago I asked you to be […]

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Mystery of the Extra Car Keys

by: Larry Davies | August 26, 2012

  This was supposed to be a quiet day for running errands. My wife and I ate breakfast and picked up a few items at several stores. While getting into the car I reached for my keys and to my surprise, pulled out two bulky key rings, each full of keys. The problem is… I […]

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Big Dreams – Great Teams = Vital Congregations

by: Larry Davies | August 19, 2012

The vision that guides my ministry: Big Dreams – Great Teams = Vital Congregations.   This vision is based on three basic but critical questions.   How strong is my foundation? How big is my dream? How good is my team?   A strong foundation depends upon my having a continuous ongoing relationship with God […]

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“You’ve Been Given a Field”

by: Larry Davies | August 12, 2012

Recently, our leadership group discussed a devotion called, “The Field” written by Bishop Schnase. We were asked to imagine ourselves receiving the gift of a field no longer used for farming. Imagine being expected to produce a harvest on that fallow field. What would you do?   You’ve been given a field.   First, you […]

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Practicing Spiritual Discipline

by: Larry Davies | August 5, 2012

The topic this week in our spiritual leadership group was “Obedience and Spiritual Discipline.” I walked away from the class feeling more than a little guilty. My personal commitment to the spiritual disciplines has room for improvement. Like most I struggle to maintain a consistent habit of  prayer and personal study. I do regularly pray […]

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