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Gold Medal Standards

by: Larry Davies | July 29, 2012

A friend and fellow pastor, Anthony Busic, died this week after a long struggle with cancer. Anthony served Chestnut Hill UMC on this district. Several years ago, too sick to continue, I helped him file for his disability. Yesterday, I attended his funeral. A lot of wonderful praises were given in his name but here […]

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Bishop Cho – A Life Dedicated to Prayer

by: Larry Davies | July 25, 2012

Bishop Cho Last week, the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference on the 29th ballot elected as Bishop our own Dr. Young Jin Cho, District Superintendent of the Arlington District. Then, later that same night, breaking a tradition of Bishops always being assigned a conference other than home, Bishop Cho was assigned to the Virginia Conference.   What an […]

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Tragedy at the Movies

by: Larry Davies | July 22, 2012

We honor by remembering and telling stories.   A 6-year-old girl excited about starting swimming lessons. Veronica Moser.   A televisions sports reporter called “a rising star” by her colleagues. Jessica Ghawi.   A cheery newlywed celebrating his 27th birthday. Alex Sullivan.   Their deaths, and nine others at the hand of a methodical killer […]

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Ten Ministry Questions

by: Larry Davies | July 15, 2012

People often ask: “Larry, am I doing what God wants me to do?” I use ten questions to regularly guide me as a pastor and to guide the spiritual life of the church I serve. So maybe you will find the questions helpful too. Warning: Don’t think you have to check off everything or feel […]

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by: Larry Davies | July 14, 2012

The Rev. Dr. Janine Howard, led one of our worship services this week and used an affirmation of faith, I’ve not seen before. Taken from John Killenger’s book: “Enter Every Trembling Heart: Prayers for Christian Worship.”   We believe in the love of God that forms the basis for all human love: the love parents […]

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The “Derecho” of 2012

by: Larry Davies | July 8, 2012

Continuing prayers are needed for the many who were impacted by the ‘derecho,’ of 2012. Thousands are still without power. One pastor – a tree fell and totaled his car. Several churches may still have no power. Many had their power restored in the last few hours.   This week will not be forgotten soon. […]

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Caught in the Great Blackout of 2012

by: Larry Davies | July 3, 2012

The weather forecast warned of thunderstorms following the record breaking heat but no one predicted what happened on a Friday night, June 29, 2012. A highly unusual storm system called a ‘derecho,’ much like a tornado but bigger and far more dangerous tore through several states knocking down trees, power lines, killing at least 12 […]

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