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Jesus Christ – Superstar

by: Larry Davies | March 29, 2012

Every year at this time I brush the dust off the old record player and listen to a Rock Opera popular during my teenage years: “Jesus Christ Superstar.” I love the way the crowd greets Jesus on Palm Sunday as he rides into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey.   Hosanna, Heysanna, Sanna, Sanna […]

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Love and Becoming Vital Congregations – Four Examples

by: Larry Davies | March 25, 2012

Many churches are attempting to become “Vital Congregations.” As a part of the process they are engaging in intensive prayer and Bible study as they seek improvement in five important areas: Worship, New Disciples, Small Groups, People Involved in Missions and Resources Involved in Missions.   Paul wrote the 13 Chapter of Corinthians, for a […]

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Vital Congregations: Now What?

by: Larry Davies | March 18, 2012

This week… After earnest prayer and careful consideration, thousands of churches across Virginia and throughout the United States made commitments and set goals toward becoming Vital Congregations. These commitments were made to seek improvement in five critical areas.   Vital Congregations are committed to inviting and inspiring worship. Vital Congregations are continually helping to raise […]

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Youth Ministry Has Changed

by: Larry Davies | March 11, 2012

Recently, several leaders and youth leaders gathered to talk about how churches could more closely work together in reaching youth in our community. Ray, the person who asked for the meeting spoke of attending many churches where there were virtually no children or youth and no interest in being a church for them. Yet nearly […]

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Time to Invite

by: Larry Davies | March 7, 2012

“Time to Invite”      by Lovett H. Weems Jr. of Update   In the last year, several friends who live in different parts of the country have returned to church after a number of years of inactivity. This is encouraging and counter to the national trend since 2002 of fewer people attending church. There […]

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A “Vital Congregation”

by: Larry Davies | March 4, 2012

“You will know them (disciples) by their fruit.” Matthew 7:16   What does it mean to be a “Vital Congregation?” Does a vital congregation imply lots of people or programs? Can smaller churches be vital too?   Captain Mike Miller works full time for the Sheriff’s Department of Bedford County. Part time, he is known as […]

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